Sunday, August 30, 2009


She isn't done but she's much closer than my old man (Frank)
Mabel still needs some clothing trim and hopefully a bit more of an interesting front view.
That, and she has some lumpiness going on :( ...also I think I'm going to change her shoes.

DRAWINGS (of Mabel and etc):

Nyeah...shame :(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Frank! Thesis Work...

Hey! Okay so I've been working a bit on my thesis over the summer. This is one of my main characters Frank in a couple of styles....the one on the right was an old drawing while the left is newer...but you can get the gist from the drawings....:
Here's the model so far....he's not near done, he'll have feet, proper ears and other things eventually (and those splits in his body aren't supposed to be there haha) but he's getting there. I didn't do it in ZBrush but stuck it in there to take some (non-lambert) screengrabs...I like the sculpy shader in there.