Monday, April 26, 2010


Crazy Hair


Chase Standley said...

hey Alison, your stuff is awesome!Seriously how dis there not more people posting in here.

I just saw your red riding hood from the sketcholic contest.Very nice:)

I got accepted into ringling's illustration program, and I was planning on doing a vis dev minor. Do you have any inside info about the school and what do you think about the CA major vs the Illustration major?

Alison Donato said...

Thanks! :D What I think I know about the Vis Dev minor is that it takes the classes that CAs normally take for their art (Drawing for Animators and whatnot) and adds them for illustrators. Basically you do all of the same assignments, character design exercises and projects, and paintings, so it works as a pretty good mixture (I'd assume).

CA major overall will give more experience with things like storyboard and animatics, since we make so many of them, but illustration will give you more general drawing work and practice (MUCH more figure work). I can say that as a CA working on my 3d thesis film, I haven't had much time to draw anything most of my senior year, which is kind of depressing :/. Good drawing work comes out of both majors though, as long as the student is motivated, so its mostly a matter of whether your focus is 2d or 3d.

RAWLS said...

Hey Alison! Just caught your stuff on CG HUB! Wonderful work my friend! Great style.

Chase Standley said...

thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. it was really helpful:)

if you don't mind me asking...are you interning anywhere this summer?

Alison Donato said...

Not yet, in the process of fixing up my portfolio and whatnot to start applying. I have some leads from school interviews to follow, though.


super, and very beautyful colors :)