Sunday, December 4, 2011


Got all Annette Marnat inspired for the first one (specially with the round dotty eyes). 

Second one is Skyward Sword Zelda, shame on me for doing animu-styled fanart but I couldn't stop myself, the game is just too colorful and cute. 

Also I got a Cintiq so life is exciting. Woot.


Domee said...

So cute! I need to play that game! *__*

Nicholas Hong said...

I really enjoyed your charming characters!! Lovely! :)

Gabby Zapata said...

Cuuuuuuuteee. I loove it! No shame in doin fanart :D Especially Zelda!
I'm jealous, you own a cintiq. Someday i'll own one!

Unknown said...

Oh nice! What size Cintiq did you get?

Alison Donato said...

@ Rico - The 21 inch one. Though it was the only one I managed to grab while available, I got lucky and got it off of Amazon when it was suddenly available (albeit for a bit higher cost).

Unknown said...

Well congrats Alison! I look forward to seeing what you make with it! =]

The reason I asked was because of the new Cintiq! I'm lucky to have the 12inch one, but I wouldnt mind getting the new 24 inch!

Check it!

MemedForChidren said...

So Nice and Lovely ;)

im your big fan ♥

please visit my blog :

Rob Chandler said...

Hoorah for cintiq!

Cute pictures!

Good all around!

Doughnut Enthusiast said...

Oh. That's awesome! Cute art